Commercial Cleaning

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New Era Janitorial Services offers

commercial cleaning services including mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, restroom cleaning, sanitizing countertops, and more. We will work with you for quotes that are customized for your specific needs. We work with commercial and industrial spaces, government agencies, medical and dental offices, malls, schools, colleges, banks, and more.

Choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company

Commercial cleaning should be the preferred route of office cleaning for all office managers. In-house cleaning from an employee is not always the best route, because the lack of knowledge & industrial equipment may prevent the worker from completing a thorough job. It is important to choose a commercial cleaning company that employs skilled staff and uses the correct equipment.

New Era Commercial Cleaning

Benefits to having New Era Janitorial do your commercial cleaning

Property Owners and Business Owners – we have put together a checklist to help you navigate the right option for your company:

New Era Janitorial will provide:

  • professional cleaning using the latest technologies, equipment and cleaning materials on the market
  • a dedicated Covid-19 Virus sanitization protocol
  • offer 24/7 availabillity & flexible scheduling
  • transparent pricing at a competitive rate
  • green cleaning supplies to promote increased safety & reduced carbon footprints
  • professional & bonded janitors who are uniformed
  • liability insurance that will cover damages including workplace injuries
  • comprehensive cleaning when needed (ie high dusting, striping & waxing floors, carpet cleaning, interior & exterior window cleaning)

Spaces We Clean

Commercial & Industrial Spaces

Government Agencies

Medical & Dental Offices



Schools & Colleges



One Time

parking lot / parkade safety lines